Anti-inflammatory Foods: Kale Recipe that will Heal your Body and Mind

anti-inflammatory foods: photo of cut kale greens

Greens are one of the fundamentals of southern cuisine. To that extent, most southern cooks are privy to traditional methods of cutting them for cooking. Although, many will attest that within the ten commandments, there contains a footnote that states “Thou Shalt Find No Superior Accompaniment to Greens than Fat-back.” I contend that not only … [Read more…]

Slim Down with Healthy Fats; Easy, Healthy Recipes

easy healthy recipes

Vitamin F, otherwise known as EFA, (Essential Fatty Acids), is one of the nutrients required for a healthy mind, and healthy body. The USRDA, (Recommended Daily Allowance), for adults 18, and older is 20-35% of daily calories. For men, the total recommended daily calorie intake is about 2500, and for women, aproximately, 2000. The body … [Read more…]