easy healthy recipes

Slim Down with Healthy Fats; Easy, Healthy Recipes


Vitamin F, otherwise known as EFA, (Essential Fatty Acids), is one of the nutrients required for a healthy mind, and healthy body. The USRDA, (Recommended Daily Allowance), for adults 18 and older is 20-35% of daily calories. For men, the total recommended daily calorie intake is about 2500, and for women, aproximately, 2000. The body converts fat into energy. Growing children require more of it. The USRDA for children for Vitamin F is up to 40% of their total daily calories

Key to Staying in Shape

Understanding our food cravings and finding healthy solutions are key to staying in shape. The following recipe is just one of many easy healthy recipes that you can prepare quickly, does not require cooking, and incorporates 5 whole “Super Foods” that contain all the benefits of healthy monounsaturated and poly unsaturated fats, as well as other essential vitamins, antioxidants, and cancer prevention flavonoids. The immediately noticeable benefit to these healthy, fat containing foods is that they satiate the appetite, cut cravings for unhealthy foods, and help to keep the body in shape, inside and out.
The flavors in this dish are light and savory. The garlic compliments the avocado. Lemon adds a citrus zest to the red onion and pepper.

INGREDIENTSeasy healthy recipes

1             Avocado
1/2          Red Onion (medium)
1 (clove) Garlic
1             Lemon
5             Almonds
1 tbsp.    Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 tsp.      Black Fine Ground Pepper
3 oz.       Pita Chips, (whole wheat)


easy healthy recipes

Start by cutting one medium avocado in half, remove seed and dice. Peel, and dice half of one medium red onion. Peel, and dice one clove garlic. Cut one lemon in half and squeeze juice over avocado, onion, and garlic. Add one tbsp. Extra Virgin olive oil. Sliver, slice, or chop 5 almonds. They can be raw or toasted. Make sure the almonds you choose do not contain additional oil, just simply whole almonds. Add 1 tsp. of black ground pepper. Serve with whole wheat pita chips. Ideally, select pita chips with no more than 10 ingredients.

 Additional Notes on Easy Healthy Recipes

When dicing onion, simply make several slices horizontally, vertically, then slide knife across, under first layer. You can SeaBear Smokehouseuse a similar concept with the avocado, and garlic. View more healthy recipes.

 easy healthy recipes