DSCN8406 rosemary freshYou can find fresh herbs at the grocery store or supermarket. They come in clear, flat, 5 in. long containers, 3/4 oz. to 1 oz. for $2.00, (price may vary). Each fresh rosemary package has several 4-6 in. long stems, called sprigs. Each sprig has many narrow leaves (about an inch long). One package may contain about 8-10 sprigs. The aroma of rosemary has a citrus type of quality, that when inhaled tends to clear your nostrils in a similar way fresh pine might. It is not overwhelming. On the contrary, it’s subtle aroma is perceptible through the closed plastic container. It is best to select the greenest, freshest looking herbs.

The Exhilarating Nature of ROSEMARY

The rosemary bush radiates exhilarating aroma. When cooking with rosemary, its effect is comparable to that of a humidifier. As it heats up, it clears the air. To begin, slice three large russet potatoes, (baking potatoes). Cut the potato lengthwise in half, then cut the halves lengthwise again. Now you can either cut those into thin lengthwise chips or cut them into fries. Pour 3 tbsp. of olive oil, place one jalapeño pepper, and one sprig of rosemary at the bottom of a glass or ceramic cookware dish. Lay the cut potatoes on top and cook in a microwave for about 20 minutes (estimated). As it cooks the aroma will refresh the area and clear your mind up from a chaotic or stressful day. You will know it is ready when the potatoes are soft throughout and a touch of golden brown edges the tops of them. As you sit down to partake of this simple and fancy dish, it will amaze you how easy and rewarding it is.


Choosing a good olive oil is pivotal in determining whether you opt to select olive oil as a cooking oil. Some brands are repelling, and I have found that no two brands have the same qualities. The most readily noticeable quality is fragrance. It is worth investing time to try several brands before drawing a conclusion, as it is a delightful addition to the culinary experience. Extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil is widely recognized as an anti-inflammatory, (healing), food. There are generally two varieties to select from. Extra virgin, cold pressed is the first pressing of the olives, and has the health benefitting properties, a richer aroma and flavor with a greenish tint. The second pressing is golden in color. It is the refined oil, with a milder flavor, and costs less.

Olive oil is not recommended for diabetics due to its’ high concentration of fatty acids. Sunflower oil is a tasty alternative, and is vitamin and mineral rich, with a light aromatic flavor. Coconut oil is another healthful option, that has added benefits to the metabolism.

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Rosemary bush