Healthy, Simple Smoothies; Recipes to Soothe your Soul



For the well intentioned and time constrained, smoothies offer a fun and swift means to maintaining on the health conscious path. With a small, compact blender, you can conveniently whip up a breakfast to go, or an easy and nutritious lunchtime beverage with no mess or fuss, quicker than you can place an order at a fast food drive-through.

The following recipes offer a few basic options for nutritious smoothies. It took me more time to select the fruit and vegetables than to prepare and blend them. Making a conscious effort at keeping a minimalist ingredients list will ensure against acidic combinations. As will maintaining a separation between fruit smoothies, and vegetable smoothies.

1. Banana Peanut Butter

Potassium, Protein and Vitamin B Boost:
2 small to medium size organic bananas
1 Tbsp. organic natural peanut butter
about 2 -3 oz. spring water
For peanut allergies substitute 1 Tbsp. sunflower seeds

Add small amount of water so that the consistency is similar to the creamy, smooth texture of a milk shake.

A good start for the morning, providing essential electrolytes, regulating blood pressure and blood sugar.

2. Berry Powerhouse

Vitamin C and Antioxidants:

3-5 strawberries
5-7 blueberries
1/2 medium organic Fuji or Gala apple with skin
1/2 small lemon, (juice)
about 1 oz. spring water

Berries, and apples help to flush the body of stubborn bacteria. Lemons neutralize stomach acids. A nice mellow, refreshing beverage.


3. GazpachoSMOOTHIES photo of gazpacho

Vitamin C and Immune System Boost:
1 medium Roma tomato
1/2 medium cucumber, (peeled)
1 segment garlic
1 pinch stems, cilantro
1/2 jalapeño pepper, seeds removed
1 quarter size piece ginger root
1 slice red onion

All ingredients are equally represented in this balanced combination. Cool cucumber mellows tomato’s acids.