Nature, Reconnect with the Universe


Walk into a house, or building, shut the door, and the natural world is immediately shut out. In the center of a big city, this is 200% true. Climate-controlled settings forge a greater distance between human understanding, and nature. They help create the illusion that the natural climate is unbearable, by resetting our body’s thermostat.  The result is that the mind, body, and spirit become disconnected from nature, and desensitized to environmental conditions, and concerns.

Nature, Recharging the Mind

From the seasonal changes, to the constellations, to the origins of foods. Harmony between the self, and the universe is essential to inner well-being. Furthermore, this harmony can stimulate the mind, and activate objective vision. Walking outside for 30 minutes to one hour, every day moves both the body, and the mind. Based on an average stride of 2.1-2.5 feet, 1 mile would require approximately more than 2000 steps. This is actually easier done than said. Physical circulation strengthens the bones by increasing their inner web connections. In addition, mentally, it allows you to reconnect with the universe, and let go of stagnant thoughts. The mind recharges by focusing attention on nature, and the expansive, constantly changing universe.

nature, photo of man reclining


Overcoming Barriers to the Outdoors

Dressing appropriately for the weather factors into the desire, or resistance to step outside. In cold climates, simply making sure all body parts are warm, and insulated from freezing temperatures can increase the body-mind harmony that is a necessary factor to stepping out, and being outdoors. Wrapping feet up well, and something as simple as leg warmers can effectively reinforce warmth underneath outer garments in sub-zero weather. Dressing in layers helps the body to adjust to indoor, and outdoor temperature fluctuationsnature our connection to the universe; photo of walking shoes

Furthermore, in hot climates, keeping a cool head can keep the body from over-heating. Simply pouring cool water on the hair, and scalp throughout the day can accomplish this. In addition, loose clothing allows air to circulate to the skin. Foot wear may influence your daily decisions in sub-conscious ways. Each foot bears the weight of the body with each step. If your shoes are not absorbing the shock, then they are reflecting it back to the rest of the body. Consequently, this can significantly contribute to fatigue, and potentially cause injury. The human body is a well designed composition that demands care, and maintenance.